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Foreclosure Defense

Get the Help You Need when Threatened with Eviction

Itís difficult to find peace of mind during uncertain times. Dealing with a foreclosure crises is one of those times. Yet, itís also important to remember, you do have rights, and you are not alone.

The attorneys at Madsen, Sugden and Gottemoller are here to help you. They have developed an exceptional reputation as one of McHenry Countyís leading law firms in commercial and residential real estate law.

They not only understand the economical impact of foreclosure, but the emotional and psychological trauma of losing a home or commercial property.

Because each foreclosure case is not the same, they conduct in-depth studies of all client documents to discover the best defense strategy to be taken in each specific foreclosure case.

Madsen, Sugden and Gottemoller helps educate clients, and takes a collaborative approach to advising and carefully guiding clients through the potentially treacherous waters of foreclosure litigation. They will do whatever is legally possible to save a clients property.

ďWe remain steadfast in our commitment to researching, formulating and finally executing the best strategy for our clients. This is our solid commitment to each and every client, no matter what the situation.Ē
- Joseph Gottemoller

The benefits of hiring an experienced law firm can be substantial. Madsen, Sugden and Gottemoller is an established firm and offers extensive knowledge of the foreclosure laws in McHenry County.

Many property owners are not aware there are usually several legal defenses an experienced lawyer can assert on behalf of their clients. Experienced lawyers know how to carefully navigate the ever complex road to stopping a foreclosure. Madsen, Sugden and Gottemoller will do whatever is legally possible and will fight vehemently to save your home or property.

Yes, itís intimidating, but itís imperative you hire a credible, experienced and well-established firm to help build the very best foreclosure defense case possible. Depending upon the situation, there may even be options that could halt the foreclosure process altogether, allowing clients to investigate options that are most financially beneficial to them.

Located in Crystal Lake, Illinois, the lawyers at Madsen, Sugden & Gottemoller, Attorneys at Law, represent clients in McHenry County, including the communities of: Crystal Lake, McHenry, Waukegan, Woodstock, Algonquin, Lake in the Hills, Cary, Elgin, Dundee, Barrington, Harvard, Marengo, and Johnsburg.

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